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After over a decade of being a commissioned portrait artist, his approach to portrait painting has gained a defined direction. Though he is steeped in classical realism, he incorporates modern techniques and aesthetics in order to generate an extra dimension to his work. It is through careful rendering, and a painterly flexibility, that his pieces recreate the essence of the subject. 

Finding his style took a lifetime of trial and error. This willingness, along with his obsessive nature to make my work appear lifelike, became his artistic backdrop all through growing up in Los Angeles, and eventually through a master’s degree program at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Calvin’s portrait paintings have included individuals, families, couples, and pets. But no matter who or what he paints, recreating the feel of the subject is the most important thing in all of his work. 

  • Oil on Canvas from $1,300
  • For Bespoke Sizing and Prices Please Inquire.